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Week 9 run 1.....finally!

I have finally started week 9. :) I finished week 8 with a fair amount of left hip pain, which was only around following my runs, walking etc it was hardly noticable. So i looked into it a bit and decided the stretches that i was doing were fairly hit and miss and were not doing the trick, and my hip flexor muscle ;) (a few weeks ago i had never heard of such a thing!) was not being stretched sufficiently to do any good.

So i reduced the length of my last few runs and completely changed my stretches post run....and.....its much better!

I wasnt going to run the 30 mins today, But i was feeling ok, so went for it.

It will be nice to be done, so i can just run without time being an issue. So roll on runs 2 and 3!

Graduate will be mine! ;)

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Well done, you will be a graduate soon !!


Well done! I just started week 9 too, I know what you mean about the time demon on your shoulder!

What streatches are you doing? My hips have started hurting too! at the moment I do lunge type stretches up the stairs on the way in from the run (I live in a 3rd floor flat) and calf stretches against the wall but that's it. I feel like I should do more...

good luck for the rest of your week 9, graduate badges here we come!


I looked at you tube for runners stretches and picked a couple of routines that appealed, about 15 mins in total, a mix of yoga type moves and some more traditional stretches. Its making a huge difference, i dont do the old lady shuffle anymore :)


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