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How much is "too much"?

I've just began this program as a complete couch potato. Completed week 1 run 2 today which I found a lot better going than the first.

Anyway, I'm keen not to overpush myself and cause injury etc and heeding the rest days. But, does the rest day actually mean "rest"? Because I sometimes like to go on cycle rides or skating for fun but don't want to kill my legs before they adapt to this regime?

Should I quit other activities for a while til I progress with the podcasts?

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Any non impact exercise is good, eg cycling swimming, also anything that builds strength (weights or body pump class - my favourite!) or yoga / pilates are all great cross training activities. One complete day of rest is recommended. Enjoy.


Agree with the above posting. If you are going from nothing then I guess you have to listen to your body.

I have been doing yoga on some of the rest days and haven't found it too stressful. On occasions I have got up and felt my body say 'oh no' and not done any exercise, I'm sure I've heard it saying thank you !!

Just take it slowly and don't ignore pains or they can get worse - good luck


The 'rest days' are to allow your running muscles to rest and repair, so doing something that doesn't use the same muscles (eg. swimming, cycling, yoga) is a good alternative on those days.


Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I might give a bit of yoga or Pilates a go maybe. Cycling still uses my quads so maybe should let them heal as you say.

Any recommendations as to a good routine / dvd to start off with? :)

Oh P.S., Naff off spambot! I ain't your buddy!


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