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Rubbish run today

Really annoyed with myself today. I've just started week 8 and I've coped quite well so far and managed all the 25 min runs last week fine. Today I only managed to run for 10 mins before walking! I think I set off too fast. I did the last run of week 7 on a treadmill - it was my first time running on a treadmill and I think I became too concerned with pace and speed etc as I was staring at the stats on the machine for so long. I convinced myself I was too slow so tried to speed up outside today and it all went wrong. So, I'm not paying any more attention to any stats until I graduate. Lesson learned!!!

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You still got out there and did a run, and you have proved last week that you can do this, so don't feel too bad. Sometimes it just doesn't go according to plan, and it sounds like you yourself think it's cos you went too fast. Anytime you get out and do a run, it's going to help you on your next run. Good luck with the next one.


Thanks Soozz. I'm going to completely scrap today's run and start week 8 again!


I find it so easy to be out off so well done for going again. Let us know how it goes.


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