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Press on or stay put?

I was doing so well, getting into a real rhythm of running three times a week and then I went on a camping week where I was looking after young people. I did one run but it wrecked me so much for the rest of the day I decided not to do any more until after the week. But of course after the week I was shattered and then I got some kinda bug.....

I managed to do one run last week- my final one of Week 4 but now I don't know whether I should do another Week 4 run or move onto Week 5? So annoyed that I got out of my routine, finding it tough to motivate myself to run again. But I will do one today! Just need to know whether Week 4 or Week 5?!

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If it was me I'd probably do another W4 run to see how it went and then move on to W5. Having said that I found W5R1 easier than the W4 runs so if you feel okay now you could probably just move on... I've got W5R3 up next and I'm dreading it... fingers crossed for us both! :-)


I think it depends on your overall fitness level (ie did you exercise regularly before starting C25k?) and what activity you did during the week. I had a break of 12 days in Week 3, but I was hiking every day during this break, so I picked up where I left off and completed the final run of week 3 and moved onto to week 4.


Thanks, I did Week 4 just to be on the safe side, and I found it tough enough! Not sure if I should just do another Week 4 just in case. Worried I'll do Week 5 and I'll put off!


O and good luck Mitts, I am definitly dreading Week 5 run 3!!


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