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Just completed Wk6 R3. Never thought I could do it in a million years. I am officially a 'runner' according to Laura. That makes me feel amazing. However, my 'running' is more like a light jog. Does this still count I wonder? I feel like a runner. I guess eventually I will get faster. Anyway not even going to ponder on this a second longer. I feel like I am having what they call a 'runners high' and I am enjoying every minute of it. Well done me.

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Congratulations - it doesn't come any better does it!


A light jog is fine and absolutely counts! Otherwise I've done 8 weeks of this under false pretences! People on this website have assured me it's what works for you that counts -as our fitness improves we can speed up. That is very ungrammatical but you get what I mean!

Well done, it's not easy but you did it and to hear Laura say that you're a runner is the best!


Congratulations!!! You never know what you can do until you earnestly try! Good for you!!! Hang in there!!!


Well done you, does make you feel great doesn't it, I try to run a bit faster each time, but it's hard when your on your last 5 minutes. Sometimes I wake up on the day of my run and think omg can't do this, then I think you.'ve just done 6 weeks what a waste if I don't. Did wk7r1 today and I'm still buzzing. Keep at it you're doing great


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