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MIA but OH doing well

MIA but OH doing well

Last run was 5 days ago - I am so frustrated with myself for not being able to run as I currently have an inner ear infection so I am all dizzy, breathing through my mouth and have a sore throat etc. Why when I start a healthy eating an exercise plan do I still manage to get ill??

So I'm sat on my laptop looking out and the wonderful rainy bank holiday weather wishing I was running whilst my OH does W2R3 on the treadmill upstairs, he'll be down soon, very smug and rightly proud of himself whilst I, snivelling and full of woe, console myself with a hot cuppa and carry on reading other peoples blogs. But being miserable will not make me better so I'm telling myself I'm enjoying a few days off and I will get better soon.

Hope everyone else is managing to run well and has nicer weather than we do here. I'm enjoying reading all the blogs and feeling inspired by how well everyone is doing.

Happy jogging folks :)

PS I had a little moment of glee whilst at the Doc's to get some tablets for the ear infection ... she took my pulse and asked if I undertook any exercise as my pulse was FANTASTIC and I must be an athlete. Now, like anyone else, I'm not immune to a bit of flattery & I took great delight in telling her 'well yes actually, I run three times a week!!!' I did consider telling her I was fitter than Mo Farrah & Usain Bolt combined but decided to not stretch the truth too far! Lol!

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Sorry you're not well at present (ear infections are just awful), but what a great comment from the doc. :D I remember being diagnosed with plantar fasciitis (a few years ago, when regular exercise was getting off the couch to get a cup of tea!) and the doc asked me if I did any sport (apparently it's common in 'athletes'). I had to laugh at the thought that this fat, blob in front of her could be doing any form of exercise. But next time anyone asks, I'll be able to proudly say the same as you! :D


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