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Change of Scenery!!

Completed week5 and all week 6 by the sea and thoroughly enjoyed them with the sea breeze pushing me on!! Came home and found wk7 run1 tough going as air felt heavier!!! (think it was me after the hols!!) Changed route and did actually enjoy run2. Rest day today so trying to work where to for run3!!! Out early in morn to complete wk7 so excited

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I reported this spammer on one of my question. Bet they've not moved from their pc desk in years!!!!

I'm going on holiday for 4 weeks in September/October. Quite a big one, we are off to Bangkok, Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef and Singapore!! I'll be on week 6 when I arrive in Bangkok and I'm a bit worried that it will be too warm to get a good run in. Coming from Scotland I'm not used to hot weather, so I feel your pain.

Probably stokes up a bit of determination in you if you know there's an extra challenge in the way!


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