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Why do I always end up with a stone in my trainer, even when I'm on the treadmill?

I just don't believe it! It always seems to happen, and it's always a case of should I stop or not? Lose my rythym but have a comfortable foot, or carry on regardless with the irritation? So far I'm sticking with the latter as I'm scared stiff of stopping and not being able to get back started? Do other people have the same problem?

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Before you start next run - pull the insole out gently, from your trainer, and tease out all the fluff, dust and stones in there.

Once your running I often find you can wiggle foreign bodies away from where your foot is weight bearing - I think they often settle at the edge of the insoles - see step one.

If it is big or really uncomfortable and you can't shift it - STOP - before you are injured by it!


Thanks, will do!


Lol. I keep finding the same thing every time I go to the woods. I think it's usually pine needles or small sticks in my case, but I don't dare stop for the same reason. I'd been wondering if there's some 'runners trick' to keep foreign bodies out of your shoes.



If there is I don't know of any, but, I found the same when I was running on the beach I just wriggled my toes to move it about as I didn't want to stop either.


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