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Week 5 Run 3 Whoo Hoo!!!

So I started dreading wk5r3 at the beginning of week 4 and the fear just grew and grew. Last night I could barely sleep for worrying about the dreaded 20min run that awaited me at dawn.

Dawn came and my barely movable body got itself up, found it's running clothes and took me out of the door. I was sure there was only failure waiting for me on the outside yet my body pressed play on the ipod and Laura told me I could do it. I nearly believed her.

Halfway through my warm up the rain started which for some might be a bad omen but for me it felt great. I have my best runs on rainy days so my feet perked up a bit and my eyes started to take in the surroundings. A light sun breaking through the rain clouds, birds singing and a beautiful view of hills and sheep. What better way to wake up. Then she said GO - eh?? What?? Me?? Now?? thankfully body knew what to do and off we went.

Two days ago I was panting and near passing out at the 8min mark, but when Laura said you've done 10mins all I could think was, 'really are you sure?' When she said 15mins I thought 'Wow, I could go for hours like this'. When she said two to go I thought, 'please let it stop now I'm dying'. BUT when she said you've done it I wanted to kiss her. I DID IT!! I conquered my fear and now I know I can complete this programme.

What was I soooo worried about???

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Hahaha - brilliant! Well done and thanks for the great blog!


Ahh the dreaded W5 R3, I wonder how many of us slept badly the night before this one... Well done for conquering that 20 minutes, there'll be no stopping you now! :-)


Well done you! Hope I can do it! X


nicolaclaire you can do it!! I promise it sounds so much scary than it actually is. I tied myself in knots over this and in the end it was doable. Believe in the programme. Laura really does know what she's doing.


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