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Looking for a 'gadget' to inspire my Parkruns ~ take 2!!

I am asking this again because of the previous site problems... it looks like the minus number of responses issue has been fixed!! Anyway....

I am considering treating myself to a garmin or something similar, but just wondered if there were any watch style gadgets that also measure your heart rate without the need for a chest strap which aren't too expensive? Most of my runs are currently being done at home on the treadmill, but I am hoping to do more Parkruns and maybe an outside run once per week.

If yes or no, any recommendations for this kind of gadget?

All input & help greatfully received :)

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I've not got such a gadget, but by doing a search on the 'net, it seems such devices are available, but they don't seem to be as accurate as those with chest straps. My son, who has been a runner for several years has said I may borrow his Garmin forerunner and I may give this a go when I reach Week 9, then decide if I really wish to use one on a regular basis.


The non chest strap ones are pretty rubbish to be honest, they are usually done by holding fingers on a pad when you want to get a reading, rather than a constant reading that you can properly measure afterwards.

Have you tried a chest strap? I hated the idea, but it really isn't any hassle at all, takes seconds to put on and you forget it is there quite quickly.


In a former 'I need to exercise' life I bought a Polar HRM with chest strap. It was ok, no problems with it, I was just wondering if technology had maybe moved on a little... clearly not if the results for non chest strap HRM's are a bit hit and miss. I shall keep my eye out for a garmin bargain then!


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