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W4R1 - bit of a step up !!

Until now I have found weeks 1-3 ok, not easy and towards the end of week 3's runs I was struggling but I hadn't had to push myself to the end.

That all changed today after completing W4R1. This was the first run that I set out on without knowing what I had to do before, I had always checked so that I knew, think I prefer that. I had seen somewhere about a 5min run but hadn't realised it was a combo of 3 mins and 5 mins, twice !!

I finished it (just) but jeez it was hard going. Laura is right though, without really realising it I am now running more than I am walking and although I didn't find it easy, I didn't find the first runs too hard, being honest it was the last 5 mins that I struggled through.

I've also booked myself in to the Big Run Run 5k at the beginning of Nov, I should have graduated a few weeks before so I'm getting there. Not looking forward to running for more than 5 mins though !!!

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Week 4 is another gear but it's great to find that it's possible after all the preparation of the first few weeks. Well done and enjoy the next two sessions, especially as you now know what's coming up! Nice and steady and you'll do it :)


Youre right, will be off for R2 and I will know what to expect ! I have to remember not to get ahead of myself as well, not sure I've got to the point of enjoying the sessions yet, but I am enjoying the part when Laura says slow down for the final time !! Thanks for your encouragement ;-)


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