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C25k Day 5, 18th August 2012

Again felt the first few runs were hard, then I think the endorphins kick in, and I am fully warmed up, and it get's a little easier.

The recovery times are just perfect and I am always ready for the next run. Every time I feel a little pain somewhere (which usually happens once per session) I am worried that I have done myself an injury, but usually it is brief and probably just my body complaining a bit, and I don't have any long lasting problem. Having a hot bath after the run also helps I think.

Went to some specialist running shops this afternoon to check out some proper running gear and, having been a bit surprised by the prices, ended up going to TK Maxx where I got some Saucony running wear in their activewear section which I am very pleased with.

I really need to get some proper trainers too but they will have to wait until pay day..!

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