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trapped nerves/random moving pain

I've just finished week 8 and loving running but for the last week I seem to be getting bothered with trapped nerves or something.

At the end of last Sundays run I got a stabbing pain in my left shoulder, it travelled down my arm and was agony (didn't stop tho, held the sore arm up with the other, must have looked crazy but there was no way I was stopping, only had two minutes to go!). The intense pain went after a few minutes but my arm was sore for a couple of days. This last run (w8r3) was a good run but afterwards I got a stabbing pain in the side of my lower back and down my leg, it was really painful to move but after nights sleep the bad pain there has gone and my shoulder is sore again!

Am I the only one with these weird pains? any idea how to cure it?

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I think we can all expect a few aches and muscle soreness when starting out and if they resolve quickly then nothing to worry about! I've certainly had some strange aches, but most of them have cleared up with some rest and as I've continued to get fitter.

If you are having consistent nerve trouble or pains that do not go away it is probably best to see a doctor, just in case :)


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