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Rewarding myself

I have been on couch to 5k for a year now, on and off. Don't do what I did. I reached week 9 run 1 and then got complacent. Then every now and again, I got motivated and started again leaving gaps of months in between. I yo-yo exercised. It left me remembering being fit enough to run for 30 minutes, then feeling like a failure because I struggled with week 3 run 1, the 10th time around. When you get to a level of fitness, keep it. You've earned it. I heard it takes 6 months to gain fitness and 6 weeks to lose it. Or something like that. Well I lost it.

Well, a year on and I'm back from week 3 run 2. I am determined to make this a habit again. As a serial panicker, I'm telling myself this is me-time. This is for my confidence, my peace of mind, my cardiovascular strength and for my independence.

Unfortunately, because I quickly forget the importance of all that, I'm going to reward myself with a new running t shirt or shorts for every run that I do for a month. I hear it takes a month to form a habit. I'n hoping that My copious amount of running gear will keep me going after that.

Also, my sincerest congratulations to everyone who has started this programme. You are about to wow yourself.

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This was really inspiring - I wondered what I'd do when I'd finished the program and I could honestly see myself slipping back into my previous sofa-spud ways. Now I think I'll carry on! Congrats for getting back on with it though, it takes a lot of willpower to start something new but it takes even more to try something again. I hope your new fitness clothes plan works! Good luck :)


Well done for gettin back in the exercise train, I hav done a similar thing to you for years with diet and exercise, piling on so much weight that I ended up havin a back op in January, so I am on week 4 r2, but when I get towards the 9 week point I am going to look for a 5 km to run and look for maybe a running club nearby, because if I've learnt anything from loosing weight it's about planning, and having goals

Keep it up u can do it!!!!


I was just looking on here for some motivation because I've just finished C25K and wondering where to go from here. I can easily see myself slipping back so hopefully I can heed your warning.


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