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Just a thought!

I don't wan't to open up a hot debate about jogging v running because it is so subjective. One person's run is another person's jog right! However, 4 weeks on from graduating Couch to 5K, and I've begun to realise that what I am currently doing is definatly jogging for 30min rather than running. That is why it takes me 36 minutes to complete 5k rather than 30 minutes. I guess this stands to reason, as all the way through Couch to 5K, Laura tells us it should be a 'light jog' - so this is what I do.

Yes, 'light' jogging still feels like hard work - but this is where I am at. One day soon I hope to actually run 5K (maybe even in 30 minutes!) rather than jog, but for now, my body is getting using to the endurance needed for jogging and that is nothing to feel discouraged, dissapointed or second rate about.

My next challenge is to transition from jogger to runner. Looking back, the transition from walker to jogger seemed like an impossibility - but I did it! Now with the same blind faith, it's time to embrace the next challenge and learn to actually run 5K.

Having dipped my toes into the Couch to 5K+ podcasts, I can see how using the 'beats per minute' idea can really help me with this transition. At graduation, I was jogging at around 145bpm. Stepping Stone and Speed are helping me to increase this pace and I can now sustain 150-155bpm for 30 minutes. My aim is to work up to 160-165bpm over the next few weeks!

So here's to a new goal! time to turn this jogger into a runner :-)

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I think you are right abour being a jogger. I do my 5k in 45 mins and I hope to increase the speed with the new podcasts too:-)


Whatever you call is fantastic, what we are all achieving here, but good luck with you approach and you new PBs:-)


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