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Why do my toes go numb when running/jogging?

Would anyone know what is wrong or why when I'm walking/running generally after 20mins my toes on my right foot go numb? I'm not sure if it's to do with the trainers I'm wearing, these are proper running trainers, they are not tight and I don't wear thick socks or anything like that.

The feeling in my toes comes back very quickly when I stop but it does disturb me during the training. Please help!

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Hi Maima,

I used to get this too. I had my gait analysed (for another reason) and they explained my foot wasn't striking the ground properly and my toe was unable to lift off the floor as it's supposed to, so the circulation was being cut off - well I think that's what they said. I have had orthotics made to wear in my shoes which has solved the problem. But it might be that you just need to buy a different sort of trainer. Might be worth having your gait looked at - lots of running shops offer the service for free (although they quite like it if you buy some trainers from them!). They just video you while you run on a running machine and they can see what your foot is doing. Hope you can get it sorted.


I've had this on occasion and found that putting my heel down first (as Laura says) alleviated the problem. Prior to that I was tending to run on my toes. Perhaps you could try this?


It could also be something as simple as your laces being too tight over the high front part of your foot. As you run further there is a tendency for your feet to swell with all the pounding they are being put through which causes the shoe lace to restrict the blood flow a little. Try loosening the lace first before you go to the expense of purchase of shoes or insoles.


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