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Spent 72 hours worrying . . . and then it was all over in 20 minutes!

I did what I could not believe I'd be able to do – the dreaded 20 minute run. Went out this morning, pulled myself together and said "You can do this – everybody else on the forum managed it and so can you".

I read every one of the week 5r3 blog posts which spurred me on. Now you can add my blog to the list. It is possible, you can do it, just trust in the programme (and Laura :-) ), and go for it!

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Well done, you've done amazingly! This is my next run, will be doing it on Thursday and started to panic as soon as run 2 was over. I will be reading all the week5 run 3 blogs I can find, brilliant to hear that you've done it, and I need to follow your lead with the positive thinking. Good luck with next week :)


Thanks. You can do it! Let us know how you get on.


Excellent job! Keep up the good work :)


Well done, that is THEE run that made me feel great, it is such an achievement, well done and enjoy the feeling and smiling, it gets better :-)


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