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C25k Day 2, 12th August 2012

Still ached quite a bit from the first run and some other activities over the weekend, but it was another beautiful morning for a run. As it was Sunday and I was up a bit later I didn't fancy running back and forth along the beach front as I did before as there were just too many people out, unfortunately it is one of the flattest roads around. I took a detour after the first run but this took me up a hill that I don't remember being that steep! I came out at the top out of puff into a group of serious runners complete with numbers on shirts... Time for another detour.. the route I took from there was interesting and I ended up coming back down through the allotments and into the park where I finished off the last few runs. It was good in the park, quiet and the grass was nicely cushioning after the pavement, I will definitely go there again. Felt good after and looking forward to the next run, I really like the way that I am seeing parts of my town that I didn't even know were there and seeing different sides of places I pass every day.

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Hi there dog3gg. I did my Day 2 run yesterday in lovely sunshine too and with the same issues with people seeing me! I am now coming to the conclusion, however, that nobody notices runners (or sweaty, red faced blobs!) and if they do so what? We're doing something positive for our health and well-being and, you never know, maybe we'll inspire others to get their trainers on! Good luck with your running.


Hey oona thanks for the encouragement! Completely agree, and there are so many of us trying, of all shapes and sizes. As we are at the same stage I will keep an eye out for your blogs!


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