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Failed toay! :o(

So a few weeks on from graduating I've managed to keep up with 3 x 30 min runs a week, sometimes doing slightly longer (32.5mins), I've been running in the evenings lately as its cooler and with it being summer hols I need to wait till my husband is home so my little boy isn't home alone! However today I went this morning (10am ish) before brekfast and (stupidly) before drinking anything... it was so warm and the run was a massive struggle! For the first time since W1D1 I stopped before my time! After 20 mins I walked for 2, then ran for 5 more before giving up and walking home... it was just such hard work today! I've learnt my lesson though, I run much better after I've eaten (1.5-2 hours after) and had some liquid in me!!!

Feel a bit of a failure today :o(

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You didn't fail anything!

100% better result than if you hadn't gone.

Next time :-)


3 runs a week isn't a fail! It's a great way of keeping fit and doing something which will benefit you and your family- well done on your committment! A great example to your son! :)


It is disappointing a) not to get that 30 minutes in and b) (more importantly) not to enjoy it. 20 minutes is good though! You got out there and you kept going as long as you could. I'm like you and I need my breakfast first and a decent wait to digest it too. I think we all need it not to go so well sometimes to show us how well we do most of the time and what we need.


I think you're doing fab, not a fail at all! Don't beat yourself up, you've graduated AND you're still running.


Heya so sorry you feel a failure, you know what they say - if you fall off a horse get straight back on! Go for it! Best of luck, Lane


20 minutes + 2 minute walk + 5 minutes = 25 minutes running.

This is not a fail~ it's fantastic!

Sometimes runs just don't feel good, but they all count towards building your fitness and stamina :) You're doing really well to continue running regularly, especially during the summer holidays when routines are all over the place.


I think you learnt some important things about your body today... some of the things you need to do, some things you won't do next time. It's all a learning curve and well done to you. Don't be disheartened, you did well in adverse conditions.


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