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C25k+ Speed!!!!!

I did the Speed c25k+ podcast yesterday morning, having completed the stepping stone a couple of days ago. Its saving grace is how short it is. The podcast is twenty six and a half minutes long, compared to the forty minutes of the stepping stone. Should be a doddle then?

No chance. Working out the correct pace on a treadmill isnt the easiest thing in the world, it did dawn on me though, that as the podcast is designed to get you running on a beat per minute basis, it didnt seem to really matter much what speed you go at in kph, its the bpm which is tough.

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I did the Stamina workout on Monday which was ok, but my natural step is about 180 bpm so I struggled to keep it down there. I'm looking for run music that is about 180 bpm to try and keep to that rhythm. There was one on the B210k W4 podcast that had me racing along the road fine style last night! I am definitely a cadence count fan.



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