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Strength and Flex? Anyone?

As I completed week 9 yesterday, I thought I'd branch out a bit and do Strength and Flex one day, C25K+ the following, and so on.

I listened to the start, and decided to do the first one at home, as Laura said I could! But they involved walking, and walking round my kitchen and living room just isn't the same (I hope none of the neighbours were watching - they'll have phoned the funny farm!)

But then, the exercise bits are funny too - you have to do press ups against a tree, or walk along doing arm movements!

Is anyone else doing these? I think I'd have to go with a friend, and I feel too conspicuous (and silly!) on my own!

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I was just looking at these podcasts yesterday and I was wishing they had been designed for indoors...while I don't have a problem running in the park (as loads of other people do it), I would feel a bit silly doing the strength and flex exercise there. I would much rather do these at home. However, at least there are three 10 minute workouts you can do at home (cardio, toning, and legs, bums and tums):


Hi Mango81,

The Strength and Flex series can be done indoors. You may have to improvise a little but as the exercises are on the spot and there's no running involved, you don't need a lot of space. Whatever you use for support, please make sure it's sturdy! Good luck!


I thought I would try that programme for the first time walking up through the forest tracks, hopefully alone!! Not sure about finding a branch of a tree to use as a cross bar, most tree branches are several feet above my head height!! :) I may throw the kids of the jungle gym at the park, no, on second thoughts they would probably beat me up ;)


A wall could replace the tree for standing press ups. A fence is probably best for the pull ups. Take a look at these video clips to see how Laura performs the exercises:


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