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Had a bit of time off, but still trying

Well week 8 run 3 seems impossible at the moment, not really sure whats happened but I think I am not well in some way.

With a week away on Holiday, where I was active but due to not sleeping well (the beds were terrible) couldnt get the energy to jog.

Then last week and this week so far, feel horrible so pounding headache, fuzzy feeling in the head that I am finding it difficult to run for the same time.

I managed up to 20 mins last week before i had to rest but last night seemed to mix in all the bad breathing and feeling unwell so had to walk after 10 mins.

Ah well, hoping whatever this is clears up and I can finally finish. I know I can do this and just need to convince myself again at the time.

At least I am doing something, trying to keep fit with this as well so happy I can just do this excercise.

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Just noticed your blog, hope your feeling a bit better.

I would just run and walk the amount you feel comfortable with rather than feeling you have to complete each run. This morning I done a really short run and alternated between walking and running and it felt really good not pressuring myself to run more than the last run. Just make it doable and then your fitness will increase.

Your still off of that couch that's the main thing :)


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