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Itching at the Intervals

Itching at the Intervals

Tuesday is a day that I always seem to have to fit a lot into so running the shorter interval podcast seemed ideal. Up at 05:00 and out by 05:30, ready to rock and/or run.

I did the full podcast but felt all 'itchy' to carry on running after the 16 minutes was up as it just didn't seem long enough. :( I think the next time I do the intervals I will run my usual route and then when the intervals are finished I will carry on running home.

The podcast was good though and I think I'm getting the hang of running to a beat, the next thing is to stop counting out loud so I can look a little more 'normal'. I found the speed to be manageable and enjoyed pushing myself to go that bit faster.

I think the dog enjoyed interval training too - yes he had to run faster but he got back home to his bed quicker!!

I feel all energetic & raring to go - you can't beat morning runs - but I don't feel I have run enough. Arghhh!***

Ever onwards and upwards though & I shall run on Thursday, maybe go back to 30 minutes or the stepping stone podcast. Choices, choices .... what's a girl to do.

***disclaimer - this is actually me who is saying this, me who 10 weeks ago couldn't run for 60 seconds!!!

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Well done! Which podcast did you do? I tried the Stepping Stone one this morning but the pace is faster than I have been running and with everything else you are being asked to rememeber I think I must have got a bit confused and was walking when Laura said something about running at so many BPM!! Only managed to run for 5 minutes as the brisk warm up walk about killed me off :)

Love the picture :D


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