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week 7??

It has been a while since my last blog entry. In that time I did the race for life in 40 minutes. I did not run the whole time but I managed to run for quite a while and I felt quite proud at the end.

The weather has been quite bad after that day and I was away for 10 days so I did not run until last Saturday. I started by running for only 15 minutes last Saturday and yesterday I did the week 6 run 3 again. I do not know in which week I am at the moment but I think that I will try the week 7 run again and see if I move to week 8. I still find running for 25 minutes quite hard but there is not much different between 25 minutes and 30 so I suppose that if I can manage to keep the pace and not stop in the middle of the run I can graduate before my next holidays.

It has taken me more than 9 weeks to arrive here but I do not mind I still cannot believe that I can run for 25 minutes. I run very slowly (3Km in 25 minutes) but I do not want to win a gold medal!!

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