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Speed - What'll be the most effective?

So I'm trying to up my pace a little. I've got several ideas on how to go about it but not sure which'll be the most effective. As I see it, the options are: -

a) Run short steep hills

b) Run long gradual hills

c) Fartlek / interval training following the podcasts again but jog / sprint(ish) instead of walk / jog.

d) run longer distances, in theory this should improve fitness and increase speed at shorter distances?

I live in a fairly hilly area. There's lots of gradual steep hills where I can be running up hill for 10-15 minutes before it levels out, or a bunch of steeper hills which'll take a few minutes to run but will level out, and then drop back down again before the next hill.

What'll be the best option?

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You would probably get alot of answers from a running mag. But as I how understand it farlek meant to be good for speed. Hill training for stamina and threshold training to increase your ability to deal with lactate build up and hence endurance.

I try and do one hill run a week, one threshold a week, a farlek (on treadmill or soft ground) and the rest easy runs. When you look at say half marathon guides threshold runs seem to be the key to up the mileage.

Hope that helps.


Hill training should also help with speed. Intervals, fartlek and threshold runs are also good for speed. I try and mix "sessions" in the week with a long slow run at the weekend.


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