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Help! I thought I was doing so well!

I thought I was doing so well with loads of enthusiasm. I managed week 5, all 3 runs! The 20 minuter was hard but I did it. Felt so good afterwards. Week 6 run 1 was 'easy' compared to the end of week 5 then I hit a wall . . . managed 10 minute run of wk 6 run 2 but only 7 mins of the last 10 I did wk6 run 2 again. This morning I attempted run 3 and only ran 8 minutes! I seemed to suddenly lose all enthusiasm and I'm devistated! I really want to run. Can anyone help? I've joined this HealthUnlocked this morning in an attempt to see if other runners have had similar experiences,. I reall y want to get back that feeling I had for the first 5 weeks.

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LindyR - take heart - it happens to us all - you suddenly have a couple of bad runs and it all feels too hard - unless you are feeling physically unwell, I promise the best solution is to keep going - it does come back. Sometimes a change of route or a change of music can help, I found moving my favourite song to the point where I struggled helped because I got distracted by singing along and when the song finished I had miraculously run the 3 minutes extra I needed!

Keep going - you can do this (as Laura would say!)


I found run 2 hard too, I did it but was lathered when I finished, I found it harder than W5 R3! Thanks for advice dawnh, I will be treating myself to my own play-list for the 25 minute run tomorrow & hopefully that will help.

Best of luck lindyr! :-)


I think you'll find its all normal and entorely nothing to worry about. Just one of those days, they will happen again but next time you'll know its just a passing moment!

Keep you chin up its all good.



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