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Psyching myself up for W4R2!

Just about to set off on my second run of the week. Having already proved to myself I can do this run (and even having enjoyed it!) I have been quite looking forward to this one. My aim for today is to complete 4.5k in the whole time (about 34-35 minutes including the warm up and cool down walks).

I'm out in the French countryside at the moment, and will be for about the next three weeks, meaning the heat has been a bit of a problem (well only for my running, fantastic otherwise...). I've been having to run just before or just after dinner - generally around 8-9pm which isn't ideal but the only time when it's really cool enough. Although I must say that my cool down walk - which is always the (VERY) uphill walk up my drive always coincides with the incredible sunset, which along with all the running endorphins, always has me buzzing by the time I'm back home. I've just been running out along a straight road and then back again, which I thought I would find dull but in fact it means I can try and run a little further each run and I can see myself improving, which has been really encouraging.

Anyway I am now quite looking forward to this run, although I think it may be the hottest one I've done yet so I hope that won't affect me too much. And another encouraging thought - after this one I'm officially halfway through the programme!! That 5k really isn't seeming so untouchable now.

I'll update after this run. Happy running everyone!

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