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W2R3 - I survived! But for how much longer?

Just a quick blog post to document the jubilation and surprise I felt at having completed - and survived - week 2. Did Run 3 yesterday morning, nearly killing myself on the inconveniently-placed inclines and hills, but returning home with both lungs intact and, as far as I am aware, no lasting damage.

So... Week 3 tomorrow! I must say I am dreading the 3 minute runs: how on earth am I ever going to be able to run for 3 minutes once without expiring, let alone TWICE?! Feels like a very big leap. But then as someone commented, this program is designed to get every ounce of effort out of you. Just keep quiet at the back there if you're finding this all ridiculously easy. Talking of which....

I was walking through the woods today when I nearly stumbled unwittingly into a head-on collision with some 'proper' runners. They were three beautiful women, not a hair out of place, stream-lined in their lycra, elegantly and effortlessly gamboling (at quite some pace, I might add) whilst managing to hold a lucid conversation. Thank goodness they hadn't bumped into me on my run day, what a contrasting picture that would paint: hair - coiffed in typical bed/hedge/bird's nest style; face - tomato red, verging on puce, suggesting need for immediate medical attention; breathing - ragged (that's putting it mildly) and of possible concern to any concerned bystanders who have the ambulance service on speed dial, just in case; pace - not exactly even a slow run. Can we call it jogging? More like an uncoordinated shuffling of lower limbs in a general forwards motion.

Now there's a nice mental image to leave you with...

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Sorry, but I had a wee laugh at the image you painted of you - that is just like me. (But on my last run, I had the added attraction of mud-splattered knees when I took a spill (tripping over a tree root) in the woods). I did the first week 3 run on Sunday and enjoyed it. Three mins is not too long, except for the second time when I was tiring. But I'm really looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.


If you had come across a runner like you describe yourself what would your first thought be?

There's quite a few of us out there just like that ... but we're OUT THERE and thats what counts


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