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Shin splints back :(

Am waiting till these pesky shin splints have gone. They started again on Saturday and only after 8 minutes run!( Wk2 R2) Have strengthened, stretched,iced, elevated, had warm baths, 'deep heat' and focused on them for the last two days, but can still feel pain on bone. Although there is some improvement. Am resting an extra day as it's not worth risking it. Mystifying thing is I graduated in Feb and all thru' the programme I didn't get them! However since I got heel lift insoles (for my dodgy stiff big toe)from the podiatrist I got the old achy calves. Next run I will try without, it's not the trainers, there the same ones that I wore before all this palaver! Upset, miss my running even 8 mins!!! :(

End of whiny whinge, but the first step is to admit you have a problem; Hi I'm Running Wild and I'm addicted to running... ;)

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