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Getting easy? (touch wood)

I ran my week 7 run 1 on Saturday and found it easy! I even chatted with my friends daughter at the gym while jogging along for 25 minutes! I upped my speed a little at the end as Laura suggested and felt fab! I completed 2.8 miles in the warm up, run and cool down so I am confident I will hit the 5k target. I am really looking forward to run 2 tonight :) I have also lost half a stone in a month so its all good :) Everytime Laura says ''I bet you couldnt have done that a month ago'' I nearly cry! She is so right, I still can't believe I couldn't run for 1 minute when I started lol

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Wow well done, sounds like you are doing fab! I certainly couldn't hold a conversation whilst running so you are doing really well and a good pace to. Keep it up, you're nearly there!!! x


Completed run 2 last night and it was just as easy so it mustn't have been a fluke lol


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