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Norfolk Holiday and frustratingly stalled (week 4/5)

So I completed week 4 a week last Friday. It was hard, strangely the hardest part of the two five minute runs was around the three minute mark, once beyond that it wasnt so bad (or maybe I've forgotten!). It was really tiring but not making me puffed out- I think I've properly mastered the breathing thing, hurrah :)

Anyway, off we went on a sort of camping holiday with the kids in Norfolk (where I chanced on a C25K graduate!). I started with good intentions and took my running gear, but only managed to get out for one walk (minimal jogging as I hurt my knee in week 4).

I'm really cross with myself and feel I should have made more of an effort but the return from hols hasn't been any better! Now we are back, we have a secretly put up a playhouse in the garden to paint, a birthday party for a 3 year old to be sorted for Weds, the baby has a runny bum (the only running thing in the house!) and neither child is going to sleep until we are. Argh, I just want to get out and get fit!

The plan of action is to get out tonight, no matter the time or weather and repeat a week four run then take it from there.

The plan for now is to catch up on the washing, change baby's bum, tidy then hoover. <shakes fist at post holiday washing pile>

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