Week 2 finished despite tripping and hitting the ground

Week 2 finished despite tripping and hitting the ground

I took a nice wee path through the woods today and was enjoying the 'rugged' terrain, when I went and tripped over a tree root. I felt such an eedjit as went splat to the ground I punctured both hands and got lovely road rash on one leg. As I was sitting on the ground nursing my sore bits, I thought "I've GOT to get up and finish this 90sec run!" But I took about 30 secs rest, then resumed the schedule at the next 2 mins walking section. I continued with the podcast adding one extra run onto the end before the warm down walk.

The photo shows what is my return path through the woods. The extension I took on the outward journey is much narrower and full of branches to duck under and roots to step over. I think I'll stick to the main path in future.

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  • Ouch, tree roots can be lethal! Well done for soldiering on & best of luck (lovely photo btw, much more picturesque than the built up area I run in).

  • Wow the tree lined path looks wonderful, well done for picking yourself up and dusting yourself down and being able to continue your run. Such dedication, impressed. ;)

  • Awe poor you. Hope it doesn't put you off your path looks lovely. I really like running through my local woods too. The hills aren't as obvious and I've enjoyed watching the changing seasons.

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