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Parkrun scardy cat

Today I registered for Parkrun. I am not ready to do it yet but just want to be prepared when I finally have the confidence. I have read all the results and frankly they scare me. The fastest time on Saturday was 16 minutes (eek!) and the slowest was 36 minutes (still eek!). The one time I did 5k it took me 50 mins. I may have improved slightly on that time but not by much. Also my local run has about 400 participants (another eek!). Does anyone on here do the Black Park run in Iver?

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Don't worry about times. Most folk aren't competing against anyone but themselves. Go along, explain it's your first time and run at your own pace. I don't doubt you'll be blown away by the support and encouragement, especially as you come up to the finish.


I challenge you to be the slowest C25ker who has done a Parkrun. Knock me off my throne! Last Sat I was 835/839 with a time of 45:04. My first and slowest I came 735/739 in 53:20. i am usually in the last 5.

Parkrunners are there for the love of running and to share their enthusiasm not to humiliate a slow newbie.

The one thing I would suggest is find a marshal before the start and warn them that you will be slow. They'll keep an eye out for you.

There's one runner at my park run who has done 160 Parkruns. She normally comes in between 50 and 65 min.


I am with you there with the terror! Like you I registered and then looked at results! I will do it soon just waiting for the weather to cool down a bit. Lol!


The results are so scarey! But it's funny, when you're actually there it really doesn't seem to matter; there's always people running at your level. I spent the whole run thinking 'I never have to do this again' and then as soon as I passed the finish line I thought 'next time I will beat that'!


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