Muscle/joint pain while running

This is probably something really obvious but...

Since I've been running 5k (as opposed to 30 mins), I've noticed a "tight" feeling where my leg joins my behind, on the right hand side - sort of an ache - it stops me taking too big strides, but I am able to run through it.

I don't do any stretches - so could it be this??

I'm also wondering if I should get a gait analysis and new trainers, as I bought these ones off the shelf at an outlet shop.

Sound familiar to anyone?

3 Replies

  • I suspect all that's happening is your body is getting used to the longer endurance and it just takes a while for the muscles to strengthen up.

    Each time I step up something niggles for a while.

    unless it should prove more serious I would just keep it loose, some light stretches, a few strengthening exercises and it'll sort itself out as those muscles get used to the effort.

  • I get that tight feeling in exactly the same area. I saw a sports physio who gave me a few exercised to do and it helped.

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