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Tie me kangaroo down sport!

I’ve finally found the sport that’s right for me … having been off-line from the support group and feeling the toll of the lurgy I’ve tried out

Winter Sports … so now that’s why I totally messed my body clock up watching the Winter Olympics … Bobsleigh, Luge … "aka Formula 1 on Ice" – yes now we’re getting somewhere – even Speed Skating is on my recommended list :O now that would be phenomenal to go 7mph faster than Usain !!

Good co-ordination, balance and sharp reflexes are essential skills (bit iffy without glasses that one!)

Psychologically, my responses suggest I have a taste for excitement and am open to new activities – no argument there, me to a T :) To have good Technique, be Aerodynamic, with Power, and show Endurance (TAPE) are key apparently … but the results are in and in no particular order:

Pressure – 4/5 I deal with pressure well - Being ready for it helps me deal with it :) We call that being a Mum …

Focus – 4/5 I concentrate and focus well – Remember, always focus on things I can control ! Am I a reformed control freak now then?

Adversity - 4/5 I’m good at bouncing back, which will help me to succeed. I should use it to learn about myself and my temporary glitch to the C25K, lurgified still :(

Motivation - 4/5 Well done for reminding myself of my goals and what I want to achieve - cheers

Self Belief – 4/5 Well done for believing in myself. It will help me achieve my goals – well if I don’t believe I can nobody else here will … just yet :)

Only problem is when I check out the map for locations where I can take up speed skating, bobsleigh, ice hockey or even curling I end up zooming out so far I may as well move to Canada!

Back to the drawing board and planning my return to C25K W5R1 ... for now I’ve had enough excitement for one day :)

Love to hear how others get on with the link x

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"Solo Sports" Gah. Failed.


I'm an aesthetic gymnast apparently!!

Not likely but good fun!


I too am suited to aesthetic sports - hardly likely with my aversion to lycra!! :D


sorry all, been away, just catching up, will have to check out what solo sports are - guess they're non-competitive? good fun as magicfee23 says tho :)


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