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Wk3run3 completed

Well that's wk3 run 3 in the bag. Waited for sun to go down first as been gorgeously hot day but went out there and took the bull by the horns. Saw one of my mates which was quite embarrassing just as I was getting towards the end of the 3 min run, so obviously I couldn't stop and carried on for a least another 1 min 30 untill he turned the corner, quite out of puff but I managed it. Back home was up hill, flat and then another hill, was hard but I dug deep. Really pleased with myself. Bring on wk 4 on Wednesday.

Must say it is harder in the heat. Not moaning though.


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I had to cram in W3R2 yesterday (Mon) and R3 today because of my other commitments this week, but it went amazingly well..I did avoid the heat by getting up and running was gorgeous weather, sunny but with a little bit of a fresh breeze..I'd love to get cracking on W4 tomorrow, but I'm going to resist and have a days rest - good luck on Wednesday!!


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