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The great outdoors

After a naughty day yesterday when I didn't make it up off the couch to do week 3 run 2 as planned, I pulled my socks up today.

I had previously decided to do an extra run outside to keep my hand in so I wouldn't (hopefully) get to the end of 9 weeks on the treadmill just to find outdoors impossible.

I had planned to do all 3 runs of any given week indoors to keep up momentum and spirits but tack on an extra outdoor run from the previous week, as I had tried week 1 at the end of indoors week 1 and didn't quite manage I'd carry on from there.

Or so I thought but I hadn't followed through with this plan yet as I was so pleased to get through week 2 and eager to get onto week 3, and what with the weather and, well, you know, that I just kept going indoors. Habits, huh?

Until yesterday when I fell off the programme, didn't move a muscle all day and ate 2 whole iced buns to top off the naughtiness. Sometimes you just need a naughty day.

So today I thought let's do that outdoor run. I went to the other park...the runners' park. I'm lucky enough to have 2 great parks one next to the other within 5 - 10 mins from my door. First attempts at outdoor runs had been in the nearer one which undulates a bit and has potholey bits of path.

But then I walked round the other park I noticed loads of runners, And I understood's pretty flat and the path that runs around the exterior is earth, so a bit nicer ( in good weather) to run on than tarmac or paving stones.

Got myself down there and kept to a week 1 run. Though my legs are still giving me gip when I walk they weren't so bad when I ran. It was warm, not too hot, lovely breeze and plenty to look at. And nobody seemed to pay slow, sweaty, red-faced me any attention.

I will definitely be running outdoors again.

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Well done for getting out there


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