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Running through a bog

Hi guys

After the hail and monsoon type rain we have been having during this fine British summer, I came face to face with an ankle deep puddle from a lake bursting its bank. Cant go over it, cant go under it, have to go through it, splish splosh splish*. The upshot of this is I have very dirty wet smelly trainers which I have been rinsing off and putting on the radiator to dry as soon as I get in. This is not what the manufacturers would encourage as standard care or maintenance of the trainers. I assume trainers (they are nikes pegasus) are reasonably roubust?? Anyone been through this and found there trainers falling apart or packing their bags and leaving home due to the abuse the feet were putting them through.

I have tried different running routes but always seem to find huge puddles- I must be a water magnet.



Keep on plodding

*"we're going on a bear hunt"

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I have also been running through 3 or 4 inch deep water as the route I run was covered in water from a stream bursting it's banks (was a bit scary as the path is crumbling!). Other parts of the path were completely covered in 6 - 9 foot long puddles the whole width of the path.

I took the insoles out of my shoes and put them on newspaper. Stuffed my shoes with newspaper and changed it once for dry stuff. I left them in a warmish place but didn't put them on a source of heat. My shoes were perfectly dry and not damaged for the next run.

Hope yours are too.


I've been doing a bit of research on this following my previous question about bunging running shoes in the washing machine - a definite no-no !

I've found that you shouldn't dry your shoes near a heat source at all as the heat can distort the shape of the shoe (so I need to stop putting mine on the radiator too!) As ellerunner says, it is best to stuff them with newspaper - they should take about 12 hours to dry out.


Thanks both! I will whip them off the radiator post haste.



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