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Finally kick week 8's backside!

Grr.. I am certainly not chasing the graduate badge at high speed! After 'failing' week 8 three times in a row (walking before I should), I went right back to week 6. I knew I could do that without struggling.

It might have been a bit of a roundabout way to do it, but at least I managed week 8 now without problems! :-) :-) Really chuffed!

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Well done!!

I have week 8 coming up and 28 mins seems to be a very long time to keep going :O


As with all the other runs, I think it was much more a mental than physical thing. I had the Race for Life as my goal, and when that was done I just felt deflated! :-/

Now off course I wonder why I fussed about it so much. :-) You'll be absolutely fine, I'll put money on it! :-) Let us know!


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