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Week 5 - Deja vu

Did W5R1 just over a week ago and since then have repeated W4 run twice (did this to keep me and my running buddy sychronised as she had been on holiday) and done a 10k charity walk. Today was the day for W5R2 - rain or no rain! Even though my mind always tells me I'm not ready for the next stage my aged body has other ideas and continues to surprise me by achieving everything asked of it!! The first 8 mins run flew by. Before the end of the 5 mins recovery walk I felt ready for the last 8 mins run but awaited Laura's prompt - her word is law! I knew it would happen eventually and today I hit the steep incline which links the canal towpath and the bridlepath about 2-3 mins into the last run. I was weary at the top but the rain refreshed me and soon 'she who must be obeyed' told me there was only 60 seconds left - fantastic!

Now my mind is telling me there is no way I'll run continuously for 20 mins in a couple of days time - hope my body proves it wrong yet again!!

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I was just the same as you, never quite believed I could do it, but I always did. Have faith in Laura, you are slowly building your stamina and YOU CAN DO IT! Look over my blogs and you will see how I felt around the stage you are at. A month ago, if you told me I would run for 28 minutes non-stop I would have laughed at you. But today I did it on my first attempt. If I can, so can you :)


As Tilly says....and you've discovered....the programme is very good at leading you up to the next level. I still remember (lol, hasn't been THAT long ago) setting off for that run. Figured I just go as far as I could...and you know what? As far as I could go was 20 minutes! And it will be for you, too.

Good luck, and good running to you!


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