W9R3...proof there's life in the old dog yet!

Thanks, CaroleC....thanks for inspiring me through your training and running of the Saltash Half Marathon...thanks for sending me the link to this website 10 weeks ago.......and thanks for never saying, "Do you think you should be doing this at YOUR age?"

Thanks, NHS, C25K, and JR21 and the site volunteers...this is an excellent programme, well thought out...designed to allow even a 64 year old ex-triathlete/marathoner to reclaim her place in the starting corral.

And a BIG thanks to all the bloggers ... without your support, and stories of successes (and some "not so successes"), some hilariously funny, some painful to read, this would have been a lot less "fun". I look forward to reading this site every day.

What's next? I want to run at the 5k level until I'm "strong" at it...and I have a 5K race coming up August 11th. The recent bout with the "knee(s) I'm not speaking to" has shown me it won't do me any good to push too much, too soon. This fall I'll probably start pushing out toward a 10k. CaroleC and I have a tentative plan to run the Loch Ness Marathon in 2 years. When I get to England I want to meet each and every one of you in person, as I already feel we are friends.


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55 Replies

  • Yay! Well done! :-)

  • Oh well done. Looked forward to seeing this badge and so glad you finished in good health and spirits :) Fantastic!

  • Yes! Hoorah! Well done! Virtual pom poms whizzing overtime. Get that shiny badge and enjoy ...

  • ...and I have a bottle of Asti Spumante chillin' in the frige...can you say "PAR...TAY!!!"

  • Woo hoo, another one with a new shiny badge. Well done :)

    What a fab goal to aim for...running a marathon with a friend in a beautfiul part of the world...but don't those midges put you off?

  • Midges? There are midges in Scotland? Surely not......lol

  • Woohoo congratulations! :)

  • Hooray!! Well done! You sound like a lovely lady and it would be a privilege to meet you!

  • Yay Congratulations, knew you would do it, and your badge against your name :)

  • Well done Grammadog you have done a wonderful job cos I know its not just the knees that have caused you problems. You have graduated in true style. Keep posting I love reading your blogs, you have a wonderful sense of humour. Take care, use your inhalers and don't forget to bring them with you, Loch Ness has loads of pollen to drive your tubes to distraction in the summer time, and let me know when you are coming over will try and meet up, I'm just across on the NE Coast. Won't do the Loch Ness Marathon but could take some photographs for you :)

  • OK, Oldgirl....it's a "date"! You can get it all down for posterity! O...and you're in charge of bringing the muffins....

  • Yay! Well done you and wishing you plenty more success with your running. Hope you don't have to give your knees the cold shoulder for too long ;)

  • Congratulations on graduating, feels good doesn't it

  • Awesome well done.

    Come back and visit your old chums once in a while!


    I quite fancy the Loch Ness Marathon. Had my eye on one of the shorter supporting races for next year maybe. Really well done though you must be chuffed to bits.

  • O, jus' cause you stick a green badge beside my name doesn't mean you are getting rid of me (lol)! I'll eventually pick up the B210K programme and in the meantime I'll just blog your ears off....

  • Looks good!

  • Yay, Congratulations, keep keeping us posted :)

  • Yippeee!!! Can't wait to see where you go from here but in the meantime, just let it be known, you are really inspirational :) to me and I'm sure everyone else who has followed your journey thus far :)

  • Thanks, TJ...there were moments, to be sure, but this programme really is a well thought out, well put together plan. I don't think I would have made it without the support of the blog room, tho.

  • Very well done !

  • Congratulations Grammadog, lovely to see your green badge next to your name. You are a help and inspiration to the rest of us, overcoming all your adversity. I'm looking forward to reading about your future runs.

    I read your Ironman Triathlon blog today. It's hard to believe what the human body is capable of, 2.4 miles of ocean swimming and then what really blew my mind, the 112 mile bike ride and then a marathon! Still can't quite take that in, and I'm NEVER going to sign up for any aerobic dance classes!

  • LOL! Yes...'ware aerobics instructors! Thanks, Dansmum!

    (there are several-well, a few-pages on that blog...you can click on them on the right side of the page. Think C25K will be on the list too...I want to tell people all about this great programme!)

  • Whoop, Whoop, well done you........congratulations.

  • Well done! You have worked so hard you deserve your shiny new bade.

  • Sorry - meant 'badge'.

  • You were just toooo excited! lol

    How are you doing? Haven't seen anything of you in the blogs...how's the knee?

  • I have been checking out the blogs and getting very jealous of everyone. The knee is well on the way to recovery and I was going to go for a test run today but as it was so wet I didn't go. I'm planning on going back to the end of week 4 to see how it goes and hopefully I'll get out this weekend. I'll let you know.

  • Grammadog! So thrilled to see your graduation post! Congratulation and well done. Glad (but not surprised :-) ) that you are not planning to bask in the glory but are just getting right out there and pushing for 10k with a marathon in the wings.I hope you will keep blogging as I love your posts here and on your other blog. You have been an inspiration to me and are definitely one of the people who helped me stick with C25K to graduation and beyond. Go Gramma! love Pingle

  • Obviously not just one congratulation but lots and lots and flags waving and pom poms! ;-)

  • Thanks Pingle....you're makin' me blush! How're you doing?

  • Woohoo! Congratulations Grammadog!!!! :-)

  • Yay! Congratulations! I tried to reply to you a message you left on my blog a couple of days ago. I wanted to thank you and wish you luck as I knew your W9r3 was coming up but it didn't publish. Well done! It's so exciting isn't it?! I look forward to keep reading your posts.

  • Really well done. Your shiny new badge suits you :)

  • Yeah yeah! Congratulations! Love reading your blogs and postings, you're always so kind and you've reaped your just rewards. Keep running...

  • Congratulations! You're a real inspiration and are always so supportive to everyone. I'm really happy for you - and hope to join you in the graduate fold newt weekend!

  • That's next weekend, of course!

  • Well Done on your Graduation. I have now started week 4, but without the support of you I might have quit after week 2 as my knees were so painful and I nearly let the "you know you can't do this" devil on my shoulder win. Thanks and well done again!!!

  • many many congratulations - you have inspired me all through my own journey to the green badge! Keep blogging x

  • Congrats on finishing the programme! :D Good luck with your improvements on the 5K, I'm sure they will work out for you. :)

  • Well done you ! Really pleased for you :) Maybe you should organise a c25k reunion when you're in Loch Ness ? I would love to meet you....you kept my spirits up when I was getting through an injury break.....congratulations !!!!!! :) :) :)

  • O, Gypsy, wouldn't a reunion(NEWunion?) be just brill?! I really hope we don't all lose track of each other...I've become quite fond of the C25K "gang"!

  • Well done, what a great feeling it must be to finish, I am just starting week 9, so I hope to graduate on Friday (day before I go on hols).

    Good Luck with working towards the Loch Ness Marathon, I think I would be more inclined to do the Medoc marathon , looks like a lot of fun. Running through the vineyards and drinking the finest Bordeaux! no wonder they say it is the longest marathon in the world !!!!!!!

  • Congratulations on graduating Grammadog!! That green badge really suits you :)

  • Congratulations Grammadog - I bet you feel amazing for graduating. You are an inspiration!!

  • Blimey Grammadog, it took me ten minutes to find this - I knew you must have graduated but because I'm away in Bristol this weekend (and thank goodness for free Wi-fi in our hotel!) I had to do a bit of backsearching for it!

    Very, VERY well done. Excellent and congratulations - and NO, I would never have said you couldn't do it because you are an ex triathlete and I know you have the stubborn bloodymindedness to absolutely go for it once you made your mind up, dodgy knees or no.

    So proud of you!


  • Thanks Carole....NONE of this (C25K or "Grammagoesrunning") would have happened without you. Your excitement abut Saltash was infectious with the running bug....and I caught it. You have truly changed my life...for the better.

  • Really well done - I start week 9 next week x

  • WELL DONE – you are truly an inspiration! Thanks too for your encouragement .

  • Well done, you are one of the many people who have given me inspiration! Enjoy the fizzy xx

  • Just turned my computer on and so chuffed for you Grammadog. You have always given such good advice to everyone. Enjoy that shiny green badge. :)

  • Wow!! So pleased for you Grammadog! I have been on hols so just catching up! I love your blogs and hope you continue with them! You are good fun and interesting! Its lovely having you on here :)

    We should introduce our knees - mine are giving me the heeby-jeebies now! :)

  • Fantastic!!! Well done! :) I can only look up to you in inspiration!

  • Well done. you have been inspirational. Your kind and supportive words have just got me through W3. I move onto W4 on Tuesday. Keep on running!

  • Hey, well done! I'm just 2 runs behind you. We oldies should stick together! Now I guess we need to work up to 10K. Here in Kenya there are quite a few 10K races but the problem is Kenyans are marvellous fast runners! I'm looking forward to running later in the year at UK type altitude instead of 5,500 feet.

  • Well done Grammadog - amazing and inspirational. Keep on keeping on!

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