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back after injury - starting again with week 3!

Well I have had about 5 weeks off running with no other excersize at all to recover from my shin splints (possible stress fracture) - I have been in a lot of pain so very reluctant to ever go through that again however I thought that today my leg feels strong enough to give this running lark another shot! I decided to go to week 3...(after having completed week 9 run 3 weeks ago but not really feeling I could say Id graduated as i was in that much pain I knew id have to stop) I feel great for finally having done it I must say but boy oh boy have I lost my fitness!!!! Managed it fine from a breathing point of view I am just very very concious of my shin, so altough tempted to go a bit further I didnt. Feel no pain and am hoping that I can now continue with week 3 and builld myself back up slowly!!!!!!!

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Good all over you for starting again. Many would have bagged running (and missed out on all this fun).

I had shin splints also when I began running (back when the earth was cooling). They are very painful. Did you see a physio or your GP about them? There are exercises designed specifically to combat them and of course a proper running shoe, designed for over-pronaters (one cause) are a must.

Welcome back! And good (pain-free) running to you!


thankyou! :) I saw my GP yes he advised complete rest and to buy a bike! :-( Well I did the rest thing but did some of my own online research, I have been doing toe taps and calf stretches and have had gait anaylisis done and have some decent running shoes with a shock absorbing insole! I even wore my calf suppport to run with today as an extra precaution! :-)


I think you deserve your graduate badge. And another one for having the courage to get back on the horse again. Good luck


thankyou! :D xx


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