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Running is tough at the moment. Maybe it's because it is getting warmer or maybe it's just a phase. I hope it's going to get better though.

My daughter and I ran home from a neighbouring village on Sunday - straight into the wind - and I just couldn't do it. I walked after half a mile, walked again after quarter of a mile, walked again after a 5th of a mile........... and so on, you get the picture? I think I had started off too fast subconsciously trying to keep up with my daughter - certainly my times on Endomondo showed that I'd been going faster. But I was really frustrated with myself - I only managed 2.5 miles running and walked so many times.

On Wednesday it was running club and by coincidence we were actually running long intervals - about a third of a mile each time for four repetitions with a break inbetween each run. We covered about 1.3 miles, so not very far and it didn't get me to overcome my mental block about stopping and walking.

Then today Mr Locket and I went out and did 5k - but again with walks after the first mile, the second and then a couple of times during the third :o(

I'm sure it's a mental battle more than a physical one - I just seem to be giving up and not believing I can do it whereas when I was doing the C25K programme I had confidence in my ability to keep going. I'm looking forward to the new podcasts - hopefully they will rekindle my enthusiasm.

I hope I haven't just "gone off" running! That would be a disaster - I'd have to go back on my diet!! ;o)

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Keep on Keeping on - the more you persist, the fitter you get, the easier it becomes. Sounds simple? Not at all, it can be hard work at the start but be stubborn and it will come. Good luck!


I'vw felt like that a lot recently but one relatively good run sorted my head out. Don't despair ! I'm sure the heat makes a difference too. Focus on enjoying it and then start adding in targets. If you feel you need to walk, tell yourself you're allowed to walk after you've reached the fifth lamp-post, or the next corner. Chances are, once you get there, you'll feel able to extend the target.

Good luck !


Have u tried re vamping your running music and getting some feel good songs in there to help you through?

Also maybe set yourself 4k as a target and get this under your belt and feeling confident again?


I'm experiencing exactly the same right now and its comforting to know I'm not alone.

I've started replaying week 9 podcasts and this is helping me, I think the count down Laura does spurs me to keep going and helps rebuild stamina. I do still have to walk but it's a fast walk to recover for a minute and then run again.

My breathing is my biggest issue right now, it's like I have a tennis ball in my chest when I run and I can't inhale enough because of it! I'm hoping it's just me getting anxious that's causing it and it will settle when I relax.

Keep at it and it will improve


Me too! My last run was Tuesday and I just can't motivate myself to get out. My knees are really painful too at the moment.

Might try some run/walk intervals today and see how I feel but then again the tennis is on, and the grand prix and I want to go shopping and it is going to rain.....

Laura please let us have these new podcasts! There are lots of us out here who are struggling and we need them!

I have ordered two books by Jeff Galloway so maybe those will inspire me....


I had to laugh at your excuses not to run ;)


I've ordered a Jeff Galloway book too - only 92p plus P&P at Amazon !


I know exactly how you feel as before last Tuesday that was me for a number of weeks. Keep going and you will have a good run that reminds you why you do it.

Remember running with walking bits (this is me at running club) is still LOADS better than not doing anything. Keep your chin up you mojo will come back!!!


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