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Today I ran w8R1 which should have been 28 mins. I always listen to Laura via my iPod which I keep in my trouser pocket and I also use the Map My Run App which I have on my phone in my other pocket. Ever since I started to do long continuous runs the timings on Map My Run have never been the same as Laura's . It always says I have run for longer. So this run I decided to wear a watch as well to check it out. I set off on the walk and Laura said I had walked for 5 mins ready to run. Both my watch and phone also confirmed I had been going for 5 mins. However from then on at every time check my watch was different to Laura's time. Eg she said I'd run for 5 mins my watch said 7 mins, and the times got increasingly different. At the end when Laura said I had finished and done 28 mins my watch said 35 mins. I checked Map My Run and it also said I'd been running for 35 mins. My iPod does not sound as if it is running slowly, both the music and Laura's voice sound absolutely fine, so I'm confused. In one way I'm absolutely thrilled that I have managed to run for 35 mins but also disappointed that it means my speed is much slower than I thought as I only did 4.8 km in 35 mins not 28 mins as it would have been according to Laura.

Has anybody else had this problem? Should I now leave Laura it just won't seem right running without her, and just use a stop watch and Map My Run. I do like the time checks Lzura gives me as they are a real encouragement.

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The timings inthe early week pod casts aren't that exact however week 8 seems right using windows media player. See below ...Yes I'm sad, done this for all the runs

Warm up walk ends at 5:45

5 min check in at 10:46

10 min check in at 15:46

14 min at 19:46

1 min to go 32.46



I noticed it when I ran with a friend who was using another version of c25k. We were running for different lengths of time. I did however blame her podcast (because mine couldn't be wrong!), now I'm thinking it could have been my podcast!


I use a stopwatch with Laura and it works well. I think that it helps you learn to judge pace (or that's the theory).


When I did runs on the treadmill, I noticed discrepancies in the timings. Sometimes I suspected Laura was fibbing a bit so that the last few minutes were actually shorter !


I wondered if Laura was fibbing so at we were actually doing much better than we thought but 7 mins seemed a bit excessive!


The only time I actually paid attention was week 6, run 3 and the garmin agreed with the podcast then....


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