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W7R2 Back with the pack!

I've just come back from doing w7r2 after a couple of days of moaning that I thought I'd come to the end of my strength! It was really great! My first run on Monday was pitifully painful and a classic "bad run". I was convinced I'd need to take at least a week off! Lo and behold, I ran along feeling almost like a real grownup runner (almost, except for the lack of pace of course!).

Thanks to everyone who fed me comments and support through my low spell. Roll on Sunday for run 3. I hope I can encourage anyone who feels as I did - completely exhausted. Take extra days of rest, eat loads of protein and carbs and sleep more. It works!!

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well done! It's supposed to be fun and it sounds as if you really enjoyed yourself. 7 more long runs and by then you'll be used to the distance and able to work on your pace. Great to hear things worked out well today :)


Well done! Nearly the end now (well, sort of...)


Well done!! You're doing so well :)


Well done! You are nearly there! :)


Well done all of us!! Won't it be something when we all have graduate after our names, and we're out there running along merrily for 30 minutes?


Well done to you.

I managed W7R3 in a downpour - so determined to do it though. I did find it slightly easier than R2. I am investing in an MP3 player, hopefully this weekend, to download my own tunes (get me - as if I know what I am talking about and how it works!!! will have to be extra nice to my teenagers!). Definitely seems the best way to go from now. I am finding Laura's music a bit boring.

Here's to week 8 and best of luck to all of us


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