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Life after C25K

Hi I've just completed C25K, doing about 4km in 30 mins just now so first goal is to get to 5K.

Love running now (tho' not every time!) and I want to keep improving. Starting this blog to seek advice from all the folks who weren't sporty before and have kept on running once they completed the programme.

What are the benefits? What are the pitfalls? I'm worried about what happens in winter. Living in Scotland the chances of snow/ice stopping me running are pretty high! Does it work to get in the gym in winter? I've always been nervous about running on a treadmill in case I do a Bridget Jones and come off the side!!! Thanks for any advice.

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I live in the Highlands and managed out a few times during the previous winter, which has to be said turned out quite reasonable in comparison with other winters. However, the cold air and my asthma proved to be a rubbish combination so I ended up running inside on a treadmil for one dreary month before I got outside again - I use a Buff losely covering my mouth to warm the air slightly and that helped a lot


Thanks mietjie - I have asthma too and can imagine it might affect running in winter but will follow your tip about the Buff.


Hey I live in Scotland too, just moved 4 weeks ago. I have enjoyed running here instead of in a city, and there is so much rain, which keeps me cool. I was a gym user before but gave it up and its so nice running outside............its so green!

I am still running 3 times a week, I am sticking to the outdoors even when winter comes too. Some runs are better than others and I don't feel any faster but I enjoy getting out and about. Now running in the snow......... mmm that might be a different!


Thanks burstcouch, you are right about how great it is to run outside, and the rain is a bonus!

You have inspired me to keep running outside for as long as possible - the gym will be a last resort


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