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A day off running

I can't truthfully say that I actually like running. I like having run. But I don't dislike it any more. I used to hate running, but I quite liked having run. These days I sometimes find myself itching to go for a run on a day off. I suppose that's why I've only every given myself 1 day off between runs since I started C25K. So I am now approaching the end of week 7 (my 3rd run tomorrow) and I shall be doing the first run of week 8 exacly 6 weeks, rather than 7, since I started.

Except I won't. Because on Sunday I'm running the Race for Life. We'll see how it goes but I have decided to try to run the whole 5K. So I may take two days off before I tackle run 2 of week 8,,,

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Good luck on Sunday! I would take a couple of days off - you have been so diligent so far ...


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