Couch to 5K

W6R1 and still on target

Did this one today. I was quite looking forward to it after completing w5r3 on Monday. I thought this one looked easier :) It was, too, a real confidence booster. I know there's another long one on Monday and I've got to face it after a weekend walking in Yorkshire, but week 5 was so well designed that I'm not going to worry about the end of 6. Laura knows what she's doing :) And as an added bonus, husband will start programme tomorrow ! :) Hah, can't wait to have Laura telling him what to do :D

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Happy days! It is a brillant plan. I am sure that Laura will be gentle with your husband...


Haha! I am at same stage as you, run 2 tomorrow. And husband is week and a half behind me so is feeling the pressure for the w5r3! Really muggy weather today, so will have to see wht tomorrow brings.


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