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My Week 8

On my rest day after week 7 I decided to go for a walk as cross training and reconnoitre a new route. I have pretty much used the same direction and route so far and decided I needed a change - also wanted to measure out a run I could use for a full 5K. I figured 1/2 K each for warm up and down so need a 6K route. Plus with all the rain I decided to keep off the local boggy public footpaths. I now have a lovely route with running starting near the local hotel going alongside a brook past the local church and out on a small single track country road. After a while this crosses the river Dove (into Derbyshire) and a railway line to half way then double back. The beauty of this route is it can be easily extended along the same lane up to about 8K (getting ambitious now) ;-)

Run 1 was last Saturday morning and off I went at a steady pace – it was a tough but enjoyable run and was to be the best of the week. I got a little bit overheated as I had my light coat on which wasn’t necessary. Then on the return leg jogging in the opposite direction was my GP !! - I of course immediately upped my pace (bet he thought "it won’t be long before he’s in my waiting room").

Run 2 on Monday was a bit of a disaster and I nearly stopped after 5 minutes. My fault entirely as I’d been to the pub the night before to watch the football and the extra time also equalled an extra pint doh! I started later, overheated, headphones kept dropping out and I played chicken with a car. A total nightmare but managed to finish the 28 minutes and skulked off home. :-(

Today’s run was much better – I’m afraid I ditched the headphones and Laura for today and timed it on my watch. Endomondo still tracked my route and chirped up every kilometre (in that feminine Dalek voice that is audible from a phones speaker). I really enjoyed the ‘freedom’ from the podcast and found I was much more conscious of and better able to regulate my breathing.

Needless to say my run has yet to end at the hotel and hence 5K but I am getting over 4K before the 28 minutes is up. On my graduation week (how cool does that sound!) I think I’ll use the podcast for the first 30 minute session then switch to a podcast free distance goal for the last two runs hopefully arriving back at that hotel in about 35 minutes – we shall see. :-)

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Just shout out your order as you pass the pub for the first time but tell the barman to hold for 30 minutes. Good luck, I hope you enjoy your last run.


Thanks - my local is in the other direction now ;-) - probably pay them a visit next Tuesday if I successfully graduate.


No ifs Moley01, its when! Good luck and enjoy.


Quite right Oldgirl pending injury or a Tsunami (unlikely in Staffordshire) no ifs this is a forgone conclusion (confidence or what!) :-)


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