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Achilles tendon?

Hi I finished w7 r1 yesterday (yay me) and still going strong but I have had a pain just below my ankle bone (and back a bit) since. I horse ride too so it could be related to that but I don't think so as I have ridden for years but this is the first bit of running I have done. Has anyone else had this and any suggestions to prevent it? I did break my ankle years ago (fell off a horse and got dragged doh!) could that have anything to do with it? Thanks for any advise :D

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Are you wearing running shoes, or are you running in flats? If it's the latter of those two, I'd get down to a running shop to get your gait analysed- as a supported trainer may do the trick in solving your problem.

I'm afraid I'm not a doctor, but I'd guess it could be down to numerous things- the way you run, if you pushed yourself too hard on one week, or even the previous injury. I'd be tempted to try the running shoes (or even running with an ankle support), and if the problem persists I'd see your GP. He'll be armed with far more knowledge, and will be able to advise you more.


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